Please, please, please, please

Translation Party (which takes an English phrase, translates it into Japanese, then back into English, then back into Japanese until an equilibrium is reached) had its 15 minutes of fame some months ago, but only today did the thought occur to apply it to excerpts from my husband's dissertation.

Regrettably, the following sentence won't ever achieve equilibrium:

The precise chronology of the expansion of Ottoman control over the areas under discussion in this study varies; in particular it may be noted that the establishment of Ottoman control over central Albania was delayed by some decades by the local resistance movement of Skanderbeg (see Schmitt 2009 for a recent and comprehensive treatment).

Every time you run it through, it yields a slightly different bizarre final result before it gives up:

We Skanderbeg Schmidt, DC, rather than Tashi that I have to respect the Albanians (you Uiruosuman itself is being paid to the discussion of the empire of the benefits of heart region 2009 Please change the rules to another Pavilion must have been established is) his many decades, please visit the pits to the pits please could slow down the comprehensive treatment of the resistance potential, please local time, I Please refer to the Ottoman Empire should be used.

Itadakemasen response Ottoman rule, doctors, overarching goal of the Albanian Skanderbeg decades Schmidt refractory to please, please see the rewards of appreciation. In this paper, (range), please describe the specific end, the exact time, 2009 Tasaosuman Imperial Regional Center will be established. To extend the rules to please be delayed.

In this paper, the Ottoman 2009 Ottoman Albanian Skanderbeg (Schmitt, proposed space in the heart of comprehensive treatment for most), please correct control sequences to skip resistance and local control can be established. I need to please please please please refer to delay debate to give can call the change.

In 2009, the center of resistance in general, Skanderbeg Schmidt, Albania, Jinari response, if necessary, asking for decades is believed to please please see your local post . To change the precision of control can be said to extend a particular area of the Ottoman Empire. Treatment (time), he said. We are said to have spread to establish the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

In this paper, in 2009, many decades, Albania, subject to control in order to change the correct time. See under debate, resistance to develop a comprehensive treatment of the Ottoman Empire (a Rurushumittoosuman Skanderbeg in the heart of delaying the presentation of the empire built-in) so please please please please please.

During this period, Albania decades Yes, the rules Skanderbeg and debate the Ottoman Empire, precise treatment, in certain regions when Schmidt, in this paper, Center for the Ottoman Empire (the local rules of the Empire State and their extension gradually many) that has been established, please please please refer to 2009.

Albania, local time Skanderbeg, Schmidt, today's report, the purpose of treatment (if necessary, can grant an extension of the work area of the Ottoman Empire Shock Naka.) Ottoman Empire was established 10 years Comprehensive strict rules please please please please refer to the year 2009, he said.


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