At the beginning of August, I moved from Chicago to Berkeley. It's been a wonderful change that has come with many upsides, including beautiful scenery, colorful local events, and other wonderful places just a short drive away. The downsides have included intense local politics, and discovering that finally "having a life" outside of job work and digital humanities work is not at all conducive to making progress on the projects I've committed myself to.

I don't generally go for public, community-oriented, temporally bounded accountability pledges, but I know that deadlines are one of the most reliable ways for me to make progress on projects, and it's been far too easy to nudge the due date on the pesky Toodledo task of "write anything on Drupal for Humanists" forward a week, and then another, and then a month. So, this Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo), I'm going to commit to getting something useful down for all the major sections of the outline for Drupal for Humanists. It's not going to cover every module you could want when using Drupal for digital humanities, and it's not going to cover every cool feature of the modules it does address, and there'll be placeholders, but I want to finish the month with something that someone could reasonably use.

And I'm already starting two days behind.


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