Bamboo as "Craigslist for the humanities"

"I wonder about the phrase "marketplace of services". At first blush, it worked for me. But considering our broad audience, would the associations of the metaphor be attractive to everyone? Also, the term "marketplace" suggests -- to me at least -- kinds of transactions that are not inclusive of all that we're talking about here. I don't have great suggestions for another term, but staying close to the marketplace idea, I wonder about a "Bamboo services exchange," "community exchange", "exchange mechanism", etc. This seems to allow for the concept of a "bid" without marginalizing the exchange of gifts. Just a thought." (Shared Services working group, Program Document Sec 3.1 - Preliminary Overview, Michael Spalti, 2/19/09 comment)

"Bamboo Marketplace - I have faculty asking "I just have a little small project, some Java code, something that will do this) - we don't have a Java programmer for your specific project, but what if there was a marketplace and look for people who might be selling their wares there. Java programmers with some background in the Humanities - like bringing something home from the marketplace and taking it home. Helps me - solved problem for faculty member." (W3, Perspectives: Information Technology, Rick Peterson, Chief Technology Officer, Washington and Lee University)

"How do you discover then share services in a particular way; you as a person contributing to a service can see who's using that service and how. Important to not only provide tech, but also understand how it's being used. Reflected somewhat in the Atlas, but if I provide this to you, I want to know how it's being used, because it could help for professional development/promotion. Could also want money. Exchange - tech infrastructure underneath that. Share them with mutual benefit. "I don't have a Perl programmer to write a little chunk of code - where can I find one?". If you have a programmer who gets really bored sometimes and decides to rewrite everything he's ever written to keep his skills up -- could re-channel that towards other projects." (W4, Overview of Program Document, The Exchange)

"I may not be able to scale up to 50k images, so I'd look at the Exchange to connect resources/services/etc" (W4, Overview of Program Document, Tool & Application alignment partnerships)

"Virtual help desk? Fulfills main requirements for scholarly network? Discuss (technical) problems that are raised, research in humanities. Registry of people with expertise." (W4, Program Document Section 3, Discussion of Poll #1, Faculty table discussion)

"Human motivation: a taxonomy of motivation?
-Goodwill: nope, we hope community will continue at that, Exchange isn't targeted there
-Threats: not very fun or effective
-Bribery, honor, joy
--RFP bidding system (useful for defined needs)
--Classified ads ("Craiglist for scholars") - helps bridge key support staff during economic turmoil; "seeking... available..."
--Incentives and awards; community-generated pool/distribution method; encourage and reward participation
--Mechanisms for promotion & tenure: who's using my stuff, and how?
--People have to do some extra work to get their work compatible w/ Services Atlas
--Community-driven awards
--Citation/usage tracking
-Hooray, a web app! - an actual thing!
-Exchange has a "physical" representation you can point to
-Caveat: atlas approach helps connect what we've done in a user interface, bringing things to a new environment like campus VRE
-Or, interact w/ same content via a web site
-Good stuff to discover and explore (narratives, recipes, services, tools, projects, archives)" (W4, Bamboo Exchange, Kaylea Champion)

"Barter as part of a sustainability story. An agreement saying that a curated content provider w/ stuff in TEI - someone else wants their stuff in TEI = exchange TEI-ification for long-term service agreement w/ archive. Recognized inefficiency in markets; matching things together. Everyone ends up better off." (W4, Bamboo Exchange, Tim Cole)

"Our institutions have certain limitations in what they can give to projects (free staff, funding, etc). Maybe the Exchange could be something like a commercial marketplace - some institution has a project, don't want to put 8 months of resources into it, willing ot pay someone else to develop it for them. Human resource center. Some conflict about how far that could go for an institution. Institutions providing resources? Do we pay? Do we need a new place that provides this kind of connection? Could we use existing sites (DiRT)? Some confusion re: what the Exchange is all about. Interested in idea that we could develop Seasr and Zotero and Sakai; all of us could send an e-mail to the program staff, listing free websites that provide services to faculty in this area. Program staff could list/aggregate them, so people know broad scope of A&H scholarship was currently." (W4, Section 4 Table Discussion)

"Coming to PB exchange, trying to contextualize. Still a problem with a lack of incentive." (W4, Section 4 Table Discussion)

"Evolution. Marketplace is interesting; do we ant something complex, or just a place people can communicate? Keep it lightweight, an evolving process around community consensus. A little "they're gonna do something", but who's the "they"?" (W4, Section 4 Table Discussion)

"We're a small place, hired one local programmer from San Francisco who wanted to get away to Virginia, did a mockup and developed it in about 3 weeks. Added stuff as much as he was available; started out with Exchange focus, but due to Drupal, had to add in all the other stuff, so you get blogs and wikis and groups. Cost $4k to pay him to do it, worth doing to explain to our faculty what we're talking about when we talk about Bamboo; had to show them something. Welcome any questions or comments, basically did it because we wanted to do something." (W5, Demonstrator: Bamboo Exchange, Rick Peterson)

"Picking up on the exchange stuff; addresses a few things. There's technologies we can adapt to these purposes. Every step was an opportunity to reference something in the Atlas. You have who's submitted it, when, what group was it associated with - these are the automated things that are possible. In 6 months, we really could overhaul our community environment. Something as simple as a way to say "I've got a resource available, if you want some help" can be a demonstrator for a follow-on project for something more robust." (W5, Demonstrator: Bamboo Exchange, Chad Kainz)

"This is useful to show to people what it is. But as something that we want to create for Bamboo, not so sure - not going to remember my username for something like that. Haven't established there's a need for us to put blogs, share job adverts, share project information - multiply number of places where we have to go for information. Atlas: needs way to share information; people who write blogs are already doing it; need to pull things together, rather than making another place to put blogs. Could be useful for sharing info in Bamboo Build project, but risks creating another silo. Need something more open, not just one place we go to log in." (W5, Demonstrator: Bamboo Exchange, Q&A)

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