Building and sustaining community

"Do templates need to be created? Studying Wiki, users creating vetted info. Give communities ability to tag and share knowledge. Don't ignore community aspect and social aspects. Not excited about path we are on -- too closed. The policies of Wiki and the governance." (Ex 1, 1d-B)

"An outcome of Bamboo should be an online clearinghouse of this kind of dialogue. Online community that makes sense." (Ex 3, 1d-G)

"Archives and communities are not separable. We should be building tools to help use these materials." (Ex 4, 1d-A)

"Periodical, predictable meetings have been done very well by a number of technical organizations (IEEE, SIGGRAPH, ACM); also legal. Emphasis on frequency and periodicity: you know when and where you can go to learn about projects. Organizational development will be critical." (Ex 7, 1c-A)

"Is value added by the community of users? Two essential components: Get the right set of tools, requiring rigorous selectivity, Get an agree-upon set of meetings with decided-upon criteria." (Ex 7, 1c-A)

"Survey, analysis, review of what's out there needs to come first. what's serving well/not well. -Someone said to me that's been done w/in Bamboo planning team. -Then they need to share it. What does Bamboo know about social networking tools, and what do they need to know?" (W2, Scholarly Networks, group notes)

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