So you've installed Drupal… now what?

When you install Wordpress, it's pretty clear how to get started: in the left menu bar of the admin interface, you can choose between posts and pages, you can manage media, links, and comments, and you can choose to edit the appearance. When you install Drupal, you find yourself staring at a welcome page that suggests you:

  1. Configure your website
  2. Enable additional functionality
  3. Customize your website design
  4. Start posting content

with some inline internal and external links that might be of some use in accomplishing those things.

Building a virtual research environment (VRE) in Drupal (in under 5 hours)

I recently sat down with a fresh Drupal install, and by the time the winter sun was setting, I'd made a lightweight custom virtual research environment (VRE) for a collaborative project. It took about eight hours, but if you cut out the e-mail answering, eating, false starts, and rethinking how I wanted to structure things, I bet I could re-do it in under five hours-- and so can you.

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