Troubleshooting Drupal site migration problems

I recently moved my most complicated Drupal site (a Bulgarian dialectology project with six inter-connected content types and thousands of nodes) from Bluehost to a dedicated Ubuntu 10.04 server; some of the views were exhausting the memory provided by a shared commercial hosting setup. The process reminded me that a skilled, patient sysadmin is worth their weight in antimatter ("gold" would be a serious undervaluation), but in stumbling through it on my own I discovered a few tricks that might save someone else the same frustration.

Installing Cocoon on Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10

This is an updated version of a how-to written for Intrepid (8.10), now horrendously out-of-date. It was written for Maverick (10.10) but should also work on Lucid (10.04).

No knowledge of Ubuntu or Linux is assumed; the intended audience is someone who's managed to install Ubuntu and isn't too intimidated by the Terminal. (Hint: You can copy and paste, but in Terminal, pasting is Ctrl + Shift +C)

From rooted Evo 4G to Unrevoked Forever + Froyo

Thanks to a clever Sprint employee who secretly stockpiled the coveted phone for new customers, I've had an Evo 4G since the day after it was released. Despite foolishly accepting the first OTA upgrade, I was still able to use the original Unrevoked to gain enough root access to get android-wifi-tether working (thanks to this XDA thread), which has been fantastic while traveling.

Why I've walked away from Apple

Yesterday, a friend made the mistake of asking me why I switched from iPhone to Android, on an afternoon when I had some time to kill at the airport. His response to my long e-mail was that I should publish it on a blog somewhere. I've polished it up somewhat and added a few things, and the following is where I stand on the topic of device/OS choice.

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