• Open Atrium is a "team portal in a box" (AKA Basecamp alternative)
  • Can be behind a firewall, is free, openatrium.com
  • Putting people in different groups
  • Comes with six features:
    • Blog: turned on/off on a group-by-group basis
    • Wiki
    • Calendar- iCal feeds too
    • Shoutbox - like private Twitter
    • Case Tracker - ticketing system
    • Group dashboard
  • 75,000 downloads since July 17
  • translate.openatrium.com - 31+ levels to various extents; get updates that don't overwrite your custom updates

What are people doing with it

  • Basic project management tool set
  • Sprite-based theme (5.5 kb, 13.7 kb)
  • Tailoring the system to your own needs
  • Drupal Core, modules, plus Features module power Open Atrium
  • People can customize their own dashboard
  • Cross-posting to different groups disabled; also, Organic Group configuration much more simple (clear distinction between public and private)

Migrating into Open Atrium

  • It's just a Drupal site, so in theory you can turn on the Open Atrium modules around your existing site (but this isn't suggested) - use some other way (Feeds module?) to aggregate existing content and put it into the new framework
  • Migration is a solvable problem, but probably not in a generic way useful for the core project

Extended features

  • Project status - time tracking and approval flow for a web shop
  • World Bank did a highly customzied version; integration with Lotus Notes - their own internet behind a firewall; faceted search across their pre-existing staff directory; extended events system to help with scheduling
  • Some custom coding went into the World Bank site, but a lot of what goes into it comes from configuring existing modules

How we use it

  • Over 50% tickets
  • Use blog instead of e-mail for the most part

Atrium's rules

  • Works out of the box
  • At least as simple as running straight from drupal.org
  • Once you install it, it's clear what the next step is - unlike Drupal, where you install it and wonder "what now?"
  • Works with Aegir
  • Doesn't hack core or contrib (except occasionally- there's a hack to Views that makes it translatable)
  • Doesn't do everything - does a few things that are widely useful for intranets, and you can extend it

Things we'll never do

  • Add a WYSIWYG; BUT, you can do that
  • Add CVS integration (but see features.blackstormsstudios.com)
  • Add Alfressco integration - but someone else has tried this
  • Investing some time in Google Docs integration
  • Won't ever clone Basecamp - but someone wrote a theme that looks a lot like it (drupal.org/project/atrium_simple)
  • Add Sharepoint integration to base package

Things we will do

  • Clearer branding- Drupalisms & Atriumisms beware!
  • Drag and drop dashboards (vimeo.com/7643255)
  • Better admin experience (drupal.org/project/admin)
  • Pluggable search
  • Improved l10n support- Drupal only supports one language at a time, we want to fix this
  • Rewriting core functionality - upgrading to Context and Spaces, when we say "beta", we mean it
  • Rework the "user space"
  • A calendar with a user story
  • Rewrite Case Tracker - this powers the to-do system, people want to customize the states cases can be in, kinds of cases, etc. (github.com/miccolis/casetracker)
  • This is going to be painful, we'll provide upgrade paths
  • Move to drush make (drupal.org/project/drush_make)
  • New on drupal.org: install profiles: lists of things that, all together, make a site