Finding 'close enough' text

September 7th 2023

For people new to text analysis, it can be hard to wrap your head around the gap between what's completely obvious to you as a human and what's easily detectible by a computer. Especially when working with humanities data... read more

Coming to Terms with IDEs

August 23rd 2023

This week Brandon Walsh finished up his summer of blogging, a series I very much enjoyed following along with. It was a refreshing reminder that a blog post doesn't need to be a whole production: jotting down and sharing a few thoughts or a tip or a workflow can have a lot of value for yourself and others... read more

What If...?

July 4th 2023

This is the first time I've typed it: my high school Russian (and choir, and theater, but most of all Russian) teacher, Valerie Navarro, has died. There's a long list of high school friends and classmates I need to reach out to... read more

Missing Threads in a DH Origin Story

June 21st 2023

The "DH origin story" has become a genre, as I'm reminded by Brandon Walsh's recent Scholars Lab post on his. I've written mine too, including a couple takes on coding at the Data-Sitters Club at the Data-Sitters Club... read more

Celebrating a Labiversary

April 24th 2023

I woke up this morning to the news that it's Amanda Visconti and Brandon Walsh's 6-year anniversary at the Scholars' Lab. Were I closer to UVA, I'd have spent lunchtime hunting down whatever local variety of celebratory snack is the custom... read more

A Month of Mastodon: What Are We Doing Here, Actually?

November 30th 2022

It's been about a month since the deal closed on Twitter, and a sizable portion of the DH community that I count on for collaboration and community began trying out Mastodon. Between travel and a holiday week... read more

Of Mastodons and Musicals (a third week with Mastodon)

November 19th 2022

*CW: Doubts, cancer, grief, community, Twitter.* I've been on Mastodon for 3 weeks now, and this week I was starting to feel at loose ends with it all. I have the [list of close to 400 DH folks]( (please add yourself using the link at the top if you haven't!) I'm following nearly 900 people across a range of fields and hobbies that interest me... read more

A Second Week with Mastodon: Lessons from University IT

November 14th 2022

I've been on Mastodon for two weeks (here's last week's musings), and the list of digital humanities people on Mastodon that I created a week ago has over 330 people. This week, Mastodon has been my primary social place online... read more

A Week With Mastodon

November 6th 2022

I joined Mastodon in late April 2022, when talk of a Musk acquisition of Twitter got serious and people started talking about finding other platforms. This news was emphatically not what I needed at that moment -- I was two months into SUCHO and had my hands full... read more

Missing Person

October 3rd 2022

Today is my mother's birthday. The internet told me; I haven't kept track for decades. I went looking for the date after reading a beautiful post by Ruth Kitchin Tillman about calculating when she'd reached half her mother's total years... read more