Hosting Eleventy on GitHub Pages

May 7th 2022

I've really been enjoying building sites with Eleventy instead of Jekyll. I'm still learning my way around some of the cool data capabilities, but NodeJS has been much more agreeable to wrangle than Ruby... read more


February 23rd 2022

"17 years..." the veteranarian murmured in the room with dim lights. "Did you have him the whole time?" I nod. "It looks like he had a good mom... and a good brother too," she says, tilting her head towards Sam... read more

Eleventy and Me

February 10th 2022

Like most folks roughly my age who spent their youth and adolescence as "computer people", my personal website has gone through multiple generations of technology, starting with hand-coded HTML, moving to WordPress... read more


April 20th 2021

I was halfway through making the fourth peanut butter and jelly sandwich for today's kid lunch bags when my phone chirped at me. I saw the email subject "Maurice Manning". I'm not even sure what I assumed in the split-second before I read it... read more

What's a 'word': Multilingual DH and the English Default

October 15th 2020

The following was my presentation at the McGill DH Spectrums of DH series. The images were displayed as Zoom backgrounds during the talk. Thanks so much for the introduction, Kate. So, yes, I’m Quinn Dombrowski... read more

'It Doesn't Work': Failure and DH Tools

July 21st 2020

The following are my remarks for the DH 2020 "Tool Criticism 3.0" workshop hosted by the Digital Literary Stylistics SIG. If you'd like to enjoy it in video form (it's fast-paced and colorful and fairly fun for this kind of talk)... read more

Rolling the Dice on Project Management

June 6th 2020

The following is a transcript of a video I put together for the DHSI 2020 project management workshop. I usually prefer text to video, myself, but this is a video worth experiencing, and one of my favorite things that I've been able to make since the start of the pandemic... read more

Remarks for 'DH Methods and Tools Gone Wrong: Discoveries, Failures & Advice for the Future'

May 28th 2020

These were my 3-minute comments for a small-group discussion at the DARIAH VX Breakout session 4: DH Methods and Tools Gone Wrong: Discoveries, Failures & Advice for the Future on May 28, 2020. For the last year or so... read more

Pandemic, Parenting, Pedagogy

March 27th 2020

“Turn it OFF!” protested my almost-2-year-old as I sat in the kitchen on Wednesday morning, on a Zoom call with DARIAH folks from across Europe and the US. I plied her with a snack, but ultimately she prevailed when... read more

Working conditions

March 21st 2020

I’m writing this on a Saturday. I mention this not out of academic work-ethic virtue-signaling, but because it’s connected to the a sense of time unraveling, even over the course of a single week under the shelter-in-place mandate in the Bay Area... read more