With winter break starting so late this year, we went to central Florida to visit my father. On one of the first days, we took the kids to a park where the trees were lined with Spanish moss. I've always loved Spanish moss, and the idea occurred to try to weave some.

On New Year's Day, I warped the rigid heddle loom for a small weaving using cotton yarn, and over a rewatch fo Monty Python and the Holy Grail, put together a weaving alternating sections of moss with small sections of blue yarn stripes for stability.

Weaving with weft mostly of Spanish moss

I learned more than I expected about the structure of Spanish moss, sometimes working with an entire long tendril arranged into several wide picks; sometimes taking only one of the thin dangling sections alone for a single thin pick.

Close up of the texture of the Spanish moss weaving

To bring it home without getting moss bits all over our clothes and other things, I wrapped it up in plastic wrap like a sushirito.

Wrapped up Spanish moss weaving

I imagine with a minimal amount of spritzing with water it should hold up reasonably well for a while, but since I am a serial plant murderer, it will need to find a home somewhere other than my house. Still, good food for thought when it comes to the possibilities of using leaves and other natural materials for future weaving projects.