Modernizing Research through Collaborative Reference Tools: The Medieval Slavic Linguistics Wiki

June 18th 2010

As a way of setting an actual deadline for myself to make some progress on the Medieval Slavic wiki, I submitted an abstract to the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Slavic Linguistic Society, which follows... read more

NITLE 2010: Medieval Slavic wiki meets Project Bamboo

April 18th 2010

For the NITLE Summit 2010 poster session, I combined my Medieval Slavic wiki with the work I've been doing as part of Project Bamboo. The abstract is below: Even in a time when digital information can be accessed... read more

Balkan & South Slavic Conference: presentation materials

April 16th 2010

On April 17, 2010, we gave a talk on the Bulgarian Dialect Atlas at the Balkan and South Slavic Conference at the Ohio State University. You can download the slides here.... read more

Installing Cocoon on Ubuntu

April 14th 2010

10/11/10 -- This guide was written for Intrepid, and doesn't work on the latest Ubuntu releases. An updated and working version of the guide is available here. This guide was prepared with help from a guide written on the GSLIS wiki by Wendell Piez... read more

Bulgarian Dialect Atlas at the 17th Meeting of the Balkan and South Slavic

April 13th 2010

Andy and I will be demoing the Bulgarian Dialect Atlas on April 17th at the 17th Balkan and South Slavic Conference at the Ohio State University. The slides and handout will be posted after the talk. ... read more

Do It With Drupal: Drupal Under Pressure: Performance and Scalability

December 10th 2009

* Browser | Apache | PHP | -SQL Queries | MySQL * Common pattern for optimization: inspect each layer, add little buckets of caches everywhere * "Fast track" through the different layers to get out requests more efficiently * On browser side... read more

Do It With Drupal: Drupal Under Fire: Website Security

December 10th 2009

* Your site is vulnerable (really, it is) * GVS offers security review service for Drupal * Bad things: abusing resources, stealing data, altering data * Abusing resources: DDOS (extorting money from site owner)... read more

Do It With Drupal: Drupal In The Cloud

December 10th 2009

Josh Koenig josh - at - About the cloud * "Cloud" as new model for hosting * Traditional hosting = real estate (rack space) * Most real estate customers are renters... read more

Do It With Drupal: The Power of Features

December 9th 2009

See also Features on * Jeff Miccolis & Eric Gundersen - Development Seed, building a lot of products (things like Open Atrium) * Drupal is very configurable - but that's also a weakness: ... read more

Do It With Drupal: jQuery

December 9th 2009

See slides here. * What's jQuery: javascript library, circumvents browser incompatibility * Known for things like opacity, AJAX requests that work across all browsers * Visual effects and "wow factor" * Reducing javascript code... read more