Do It With Drupal: Configuring a Kick-Ass WYSIWYG Editor

December 9th 2009

  • To make it easier for people to format text without knowing HTML, you could do filters, and/or editors
  • Filters change stuff - people type things, filter changes that on output
  • A ton of modules that provide filters in addition to the core
  • Filter only makes its transformations on output... read more

    Do It With Drupal: New York Senate

    December 8th 2009


    • Transforming an anachronistic organization with Drupal
    • In control of Republican party for 44 years
    • Never had a CIO before January 2009 - focused on internal enterprise IT before
    • People were cutting out and pasting articles from papers... read more

      Do It With Drupal: Fantasy Sites- Stack Overflow

      December 8th 2009

      About Stack Overflow