The Stakes of Multilingual DH in the United States

March 13th 2020

As I write this, universities worldwide are shutting down in-person classes (or instruction altogether) and urging undergraduate students to leave. For the moment, libraries are typically remaining open... read more

Sorry for all the Drupal: Reflections on the 3rd anniversary of 'Drupal for Humanists'

November 8th 2019

When I finished writing Drupal for Humanists on July 15, 2015, my Magic-the-Gathering-playing, arithmetic-doing kindergartener was a barely-verbal toddler. The night I finished the manuscript was memorable in more ways than one... read more

On the future of Slavic DH in the United States

July 12th 2019

These were my comments framing the "Methodology as Community: Fostering Collaboration Beyond Scholarly Societies" panel at DH 2019 in Utrecht, with Peter Haslinger, Antonina Puchkovskaia, Seth Bernstein... read more

4th Year Russian, 3rd time around

April 2nd 2019

I was 15 when the Cyrillic alphabet shifted from an exotic set of vaguely-familiar symbols to something I could read. After attending high school in Argentina for a summer as an exchange student (where I was first introduced to Harry Potter and his “piedra filosofal”)... read more

Towards a Taxonomy of Failure

January 30th 2019

Introductory note: I intended this talk, given at the "On the Benefits of Failure" workshop at the University of Alberta in March 2018 (video available here), to be my "swan song" for engaging with DH... read more

Annotating geeky fashion (or, what I wore to DH 2014)

July 11th 2014

I've never really thought of myself as fashionable in any sense-- I can count every pair of shoes I own on one hand, own no makeup at all, and pick up clothing staples at the local Goodwill on half-price days... read more

AcWriMo: a postmortem

December 2nd 2012

AcWriMo completely failed to have the effect I'd hoped for, but I'm taking it as a sign of a positive change. One of the key axioms underlying life at UChicago is that you should always be working. I know people there who have hobbies that do not in any way relate to their professional careers... read more


November 3rd 2012

At the beginning of August, I moved from Chicago to Berkeley. It's been a wonderful change that has come with many upsides, including beautiful scenery, colorful local events, and other wonderful places just a short drive away... read more

Alternate uses for a Slavic degree: dummy content generator

July 10th 2012

As I've announced elsewhere, Drupal for Humanists is launching today on its own domain. I wanted to make sure that there was at least one case study available before launch, complete with a downloadable database and file system... read more

Drupal book progress (or lack thereof)

June 26th 2012

It's been about six months since Elijah Meeks and I kicked off our plan to write a book on Drupal for an audience of humanists, librarians, and higher-ed IT folks who support humanities research and teaching... read more